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The Professional account is the account that offers the most important benefits to coaches in any sport for them and their clients.

To create your account you must select the Professional option on the sign-up page



  1. Custom Domain* - Choose a unique domain name for your account. Usually your name without spaces or symbols or your brand name.
  2. First Name and Last Name - we recommend using your true complete name because when you verified the account, our system will block or reject it.
  3. Gender - Using real gender will help our algorithms push the right data to your account.
  4. Email and Phone Number - those must be unique in all application and you can not change them after validation.
  5. Password - Add a minimum of 6 characters that contain at least one number.
  6. Location - We recommend adding a City based location if the town is small or a neighborhood in a big city and not a full address. This will help clients to understand better where you are.
    E.g. If you live in Cluj-Napoca, just add the neighborhood (Marasti, Gheorgheni, etc) where you want to train or add only Cluj-Napoca city for all areas.

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