Individual account user-manual.

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The Individual account is the account that offers the most important benefits to trainers and gyms clients.

To create your account you must select the Individual option on the sign-up page



  1. First Name and Last Name - we recommend using your true complete name because when you verified the account, our system will block or reject it.
  2. Gender - Using real gender will help our algorithms push the right data to your account.
  3. Email and Phone Number - those must be unique in all application and you can not change them after validation.
  4. Password - Add a minimum of 6 characters that contain at least one number.
  5. Location - We recommend adding a city-based location and not a specific address like your home address.
    E.g. If you live in Cluj-Napoca, just add the neighborhood (Marasti, Gheorgheni, etc) where you want to train or add only Cluj-Napoca city for all areas.

My Profile

The only public information in your profile will be:
1. Name
2. If when you created your account
3. The reviews you have offered but not those with private status.

Only clubs or coaches to whom you have subscribed have access to your phone number or email address.
This information will disappear when your membership expires.



All your activated or pending subscriptions will appear here.

A subscription can go through several statuses depending on the payment term or date chosen for activation.

Active: Your subscription is active and you can use it for check-in or reservations.
Inactive: Your subscription is being activated or you have used up all the credits in your account. With this status it cannot be used for reservations or check-in.
Expired: The validity period has expired.
Paid: Yes - Status that allows the subscription to be used for the entire validity period.
Paid: No - The club has not yet confirmed payment for this subscription.
Credit: The number of valid credits for this subscription.
Expires: Days remaining until thesubscription expires.

Price: The price paid for this subscription.
Club: The club to which this subscription belongs.
Pause: Possibility to freeze the subscription for a limited period of time. Valid only if the club has activated this functionality.


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