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Wasted Corporate Investments in Employee Gym Subscriptions

In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, companies are increasingly emphasizing employee well-being and fitness as integral components of a healthy work-life balance. As part of their commitment to employee wellness, many organizations offer gym memberships and subscriptions as a perk. However, there is a pressing issue that often goes unnoticed – when employees don’t utilize these paid subscriptions, the company ends up losing money.

Why you should stop using this type of subscription:

In the table above we have a simulation with a company paying subscriptions to employees and in the second last column their consumption level.
Statistically speaking in Romania, more than 90% of a company’s employees use about 25%-40 of their subscription in a month.
For companies this translates into huge expenses that do not directly help the company or the employee but only the companies that manage these subscriptions.

360-Solution for Health and Wellness.

xTrainer is a technology startup created by Romanians who want to use the latest technologies in artificial intelligence and help the sports industry become more enjoyable and performant.

Our eCredtis module using machine learning algorithms will revolutionize the way companies manage their memberships and send employees to the gym but will also help increase employee performance levels.

Why should you use xtrainer today:

What you get if you join the BETA programme

Because it is a Pilot Project, the functionality of the BETA stage is limited but sufficient for a company to have the necessary information to take full advantage of the benefits of this eCredits system.
From here you can: 

⏺ Control the remaining credits or buy new ones.

⏺ Associate employees with companies account.

⏺ Limit per account how many credits an employee should use per month or period.

⏺ Access to a map of how they are used by employees but taking into account the privacy of the person.

Each employee needs an account in the xTrainer app and the company admin needs to link the account to the company account in order for the user to consume those credits.

The app is optimized for all phone types to provide an easy and enjoyable experience for your employees.

The employee gets access to a web-based application where they can view all the sports clubs, coaches, nutritionists, and physiotherapists in the network plus other features designed for sports lovers. Individuals can buy other types of subscriptions, pay by card or book classes in the classrooms in his area and more.

Because we are in a BETA stage with this module, our network is limited but after signing contracts, we will activate + 1000 professionals and clubs accounts to join us in less then two months.


Using our advanced self-learning algorithms system at an early stage we can provide data and predict optimal budgets for eCredits, eliminating the blocking of money and create an efficiency of spending.

The beta-program is only available to a limited number of companies so sign up now if you want to optimize your costs with sport subscriptions.