Digitalize your gym with Artificial Intelligence.

Simplify your gym experience with our all-in-one app, which revolutionizes bookings, client management, online payments and AI-driven reporting, while offering a wide range of sports, memberships, trainer classes, metrics and an efficient Self-In module.

AI Multi-Sport Marketplace

Public Profiles.

SEO-ready profile pages, optimized for Google to maximize online visibility and reach. 

Booking made for Sports.

Unlock a new era in sports booking with our app's unparalleled, industry-leading system, delivering the utmost in advanced features, and seamless optimization.

AI-Driven Insights & Analytics

Utilize AI algorithms to analyze member data, workout patterns, attendance rates, and engagement levels, providing valuable insights for business decision-making.

Everything Online.

You don't need a website or Facebook page. Facebook ads or flyer campaigns around town. Move all your services online and our machine learning engine will help you reach new customers and keep your current ones.

One App. All Sports.

Embrace limitless possibilities in the world of sports with our groundbreaking app that caters to all sports types, delivering unmatched convenience and accessibility in a single platform.

No Credit Cars. No Subscriptions. Freemium Forever

Our team of Doers.

We only team up with people who want to make an impact on society through our ideas and actions. We want our work to influence people, to help and to be part of their success.

Adrian Pantir
Co-Founder & CEO
Mihaela Homone
Co-Founder & COO
Ionut Rada
Brand Ambassador /Sport Performance Division
Patrick Orsos
Developer & Managing Partener
Giurgi Bogdan
Senior Developer
Silviu Manzur
Full Stack Developer

Our beta clients

We’ve built strong relationships with our clients. Become our new client and expect nothing less than industry’s best.