AI Multi-Sport Platform

One single app for trainers, sports clubs and their clients.

We've built an social media ecosystem, 

integrated it with a client management software and added the computing power of an AI to provide a unique experience for coaches, sports clubs, and their clients.

10x times better customer exposure.

More than 80% free time. 


xTrainer is the first-world multi-sport tool designed for professionals and sports lovers. Here you can find all kinds of activities, based on your location, and interact with them, using only one account. 


Compared to other available solutions on the market, xTrainer is proposing a unique approach, by developing the app on the structure of a Social Media Platform, while also building and integrating advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based business management tools. xTrainer is the only solution to create an entire fitness and sport ecosystem where all stakeholders involved (professionals, trainees, and brands) communicate, attend classes, earn rewards, manage their businesses and promote their services.


"A way that can help the sports industry become more productive for professionals, intuitive, and enjoyable for every user."

One App.

All Sports.

Features designed for All Sports.

Where we are and where we want to be.

  • 2020

    We launched the first beta version for clubs and integrated it into the daily flow for 5 clubs. 

  • 2023

    From our beta clients, we took constant feedback and created a new version, built from scratch with AI technology and integrated in our final MVP.

  • 2024

    We want to launch our eCredit system dedicated to the end customer but also to companies.

  • 2024

    Attract the first round of external development funding to Product Market Fit.

  • 2026

    More than 40% of transactions in the sports industry with a value of more than 350 million euros will go through xTrainer within 5 years of launch.

  • 2026

    We plan to expand to Europe and open offices in other countries.

Meet the Team.

We only team up with people who want to make an impact on society through our ideas and actions. We want our work to influence people, to help and to be part of their success.

Adrian Pantir
Co-Founder & CEO
Mihaela Homone
Co-Founder & COO
Bogdan Pop
Senior Developer
Patrick Orsos
Developer & Managing Partener
Giurgi Bogdan
Senior Developer
Silviu Manzur
Full Stack Developer

Our beta clients

We’ve built strong relationships with our clients. Become our new client and expect nothing less than industry’s best.